Welcome to the London Legal Softball League

The League

The London Legal Softball League has existed for nearly three decades and is one of the longest running softball leagues in the UK.  It is affiliated to Baseball Softball UK and matches take place on Primrose Hill, in Regent’s Park and on Gloucester Green on weeknights during the spring/summer.  We are pleased to announce that, for the 2018 season, the London Legal Softball League is again sponsored by Merrill Corporation – the leading provider of virtual data rooms to the legal community.  Should you wish to contact Merrill Corporation, please speak to Connor Nicosia on 0750 011 4787 or Connor.Nicosia@merrillcorp.com.  You may also bump into Connor during the season as he will appear as a guest player for CMS (aka Olswang) from time to time and there may also be other Merrill reps popping up as “ringers” for some of the teams.

We play 5 innings or as otherwise agreed between the two team captains. The winning team gets 2 points and the losing team gets 0 points. In the event of a draw, the result is a draw and both teams get a point each. In the playoff stages there is no such thing as a draw: extra innings should be played (light permitting) or if this is not possible please refer to the Rules section for the countback rule which will determine the winning team.

Please submit scores to toby.mann@cliffordchance.com and kyle.siskey@cliffordchance.com after each match.

If any team cancels, the other team gets a default win.  The deadline for cancelling a fixture is 4pm on the day of the match but please endeavour to keep the other captain informed throughout the day if it looks like you are struggling to field a team.  Any cancellations made after 4pm can lead to the cancelling team being deducted one point in the league.  If the weather is too bad or the pitches too slippery to play safely, the match will be declared a rain draw and each team gets 1 point.  This should be agreed between the captains (acting reasonably) and note that games should not be called off just because it looks like it might rain.  If any team gives more than one walkover during a season, the LLSL Committee reserves the right to remove them from the league the following season should new teams wish to join.

In the event of a tie at the end of a season between two or more teams, we will look at the head to head record of the teams that have finished in a tie. If that does not work (e.g. if three teams are tied and they each won one and lost one against the two other teams in question), the run difference between the tied teams (in their matches against one another) will determine the league standings.  If this does not separate the teams in question (e.g. if two teams are tied and they played out a draw between one another), the league standings between these teams will be determined on the flip of a coin.

The rule on fielding guest players (affectionately known as “ringers”) in the London Legal Softball League is that there is no rule as the primary aim of the league is to get as many people playing softball as possible so fixture cancellation for not having enough players should be avoided at all costs.  However, each team is expected to consist of a core set of players that work for or have a strong affiliation with the firm that they represent.

Match Start Time

Although individual arrangements will be left to team captains to agree, teams should try to finish warming up and start matches as early as possible, and certainly by 7pm, to allow time for 5 innings to be completed before it gets too dark to play safely.


Please see the pitch map and make sure all your players have this. A new pitch map has been released this year, so make sure you print out a copy and throw away all old maps.

League format

For the 2018 season, there are two divisions of 10 teams each.  Each division completes all set matches, and then the playoffs will take place as follows to determine the winners of trophies as well as promotion/relegation:

Division 1:

Playoff semifinal matches will be played between the side that finishes 1st versus the side that finishes 4th and between the side that finishes 2nd versus the side that finishes 3rd.  The winner of each of these semifinals will play a grand final where the winner takes home the coveted league championship trophy.  Clearly, there will be no promotion system in Division 1.

There will also be a friendly match for the teams that finish in 5th and 6th positions in Division 1.

As for relegation, there will be a playoff between the side that finishes 7th versus the side that finishes 10th as well as a playoff between the side that finishes 8th versus the side that finishes 9th.  The loser of each of these playoff matches will be relegated to Division 2 for the following season.

Division 2:

The promotion system will work so that the team that finishes 1st will play off against the team that finishes 4th and the team that finishes 2nd will play off against the team that finishes 3rd with the winner of each of these playoff matches being promoted to Division 1 for the following season.

There will then be friendly matches for the teams that finish in 5th/6th positions, 7th/10th positions and 8th/9th positions in Division 2.  There is no non-league softball so there will be no relegation from Division 2.

In case of teams dropping out of the league, firms merging etc we may need to apply some discretion to the promotion/relegation system before the start of each season but this will be at the discretion of the LLSL committee.