Health and Safety

Important safety rules
1. No sliding to first base – you can overrun first base as long as you touch it. No sliding to other bases where not necessary.
2. Drop the bat when you run – don’t throw it behind you.
3. Base fielders must step away from their base when the ball is not being thrown to that base, to avoid the runner colliding with them when touching the base. Otherwise, the fielder should stand on the edge of the base to allow the runner to reach the base without colliding with the fielder.
4. Pitchers must never pitch from in front of the pitching box.
5. Batters must not hit the ball in front of the batting box (i.e. no “running down the wicket” to hit the ball).
6. Players can be given out for dangerous play. Please make sure your players know these safety rules.

Banned bats
There is a ban on composite bats on the grounds of safety.  These bats are dangerous (the ball comes off the bat quicker than the fielders – particularly the pitcher – might expect) and are not appropriate for recreational softball. Team captains are responsible for ensuring that their team does not use banned bats and any teams found using banned bats face points deductions and/or expulsion from the league.

A good place to buy equipment is (other shops and websites are available).

The local park police are on 020 7935 1259 but the number is not always manned. If that does not work, try 020 7706 7272.

First Aid
First aiders can sometimes be found in the hub in the middle of Regent’s Park.  If you need an ambulance, you need to dial 999.

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